Here are some common questions about Learn to Snowboard.


Why choose Learn To Snowboard?

For years Snowboard and Ski lessons have been taught by one entity the mountain…now there is a better option.  We at learn to snowboard believe in putting out the highest level of Snowboard and Ski instruction possible for every level of rider that comes to train with us.  Safety is the most import part of our philosophy when teaching a snowboard or ski lesson as our instructors go through a battery of training ranging from CPR, rescue training, and have the ability to effectively communicate the skills one needs to Learn to Snowboard.

Why should I take a private snowboard or ski lesson?
We can teach you more in a 2 hour private lesson than you can learn in 5 group lessons. Plus the price is lower than any other private lesson you can find out on the mountain.  Group lessons are great to meet other novices and laugh about falling down while circled around the fire after your lessons.  However if you truly want to Learn To Snowboard the way to do it is on a 1 on 1 format with a professional instructor.

Lesson Details

Why are the lessons 2 hours?
Time is valuable regardless of where it is spent…so we aim to focus on the essentials and get you riding the slopes more than riding a chairlift.  In 2 hours of training with us you will learn to be proficient in properly strapping into your board, learning the correct terminology associated with the sport, and ride down the mountain in a style and confidence you did not have before your training.
Our competitors will try to sell you discount group lessons that are shorter in length, but not in quality because our instructors teach snowboard and ski lessons year round.  They are professionals with a passion for the sport and not part time seasonal resort workers.  Therefore you will see a difference in quality of instruction, time spent more efficiently on the slope, and this will insure a more enjoyable learning experience on the mountain.
What is included in the lesson?
 Lesson price includes a 2 hour session with a private snowboard instructor. Lift ticket and rental equipment must be purchased separately.
Cancelation Policy
We understand that things happen…especially on vacation. Sometimes due to an unforeseen event you may opt to cancel your lesson. If this happens as long as there is notice you will only be charged a $50 cancellation fee (this fee pays for our instructors time). Cancelling within 7 days of the scheduled lesson will result in a 50% fee of the total booking.  If you cancel same day or within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson you will be charged 100% of your total bill. You do have the option of rescheduling if it is outside 24 hours of your scheduled lesson for a $50 charge.

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